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Collaborate visually in the cloud

Microsoft Whiteboard is a tool that allows users to collaborate visually via the cloud. It is a freeform canvas where teams can ideate, create, and collaborate their ideas in real-time. Designed for pen and touch, the app lets you write or draw as if you are using ink. You and your team can also edit and comment directly on the canvas, enhancing your teamwork. The app saves all your work in the cloud, so you can pick up your work no matter where you are. More than that, it has good inter-app synergy with other programs in the Microsoft Office suite

Create freely wherever you are

Microsoft Whiteboard comes with an infinite canvas where you can draw and type your ideas. You can also add a sticky note or an image, and even stack things up and move them around the canvas. It has a touch-first, pen-first interface, which frees your ideas from the keyboard. Moreover, its intelligent inking technology transforms your doodles into great-looking tables, shapes, and lines. You can even copy, paste, and combine them to create your art. 

The Whiteboard app also brings your entire team together, no matter where they are. With its real-time collaboration features, anyone with access to the canvas can see everything added to it. They can start inking in the same area or start a new one on another part. Plus, they can leave comments and suggestions directly on the canvas for project enhancement. Everything that your team does on the board is automatically saved to the Microsoft cloud, so you can pick up where you left off anytime. 

All in all, Microsoft Whiteboard is a great productivity tool to have when you need to collaborate on a project with your team. While it is similar to Microsoft OneNote, some features are only available to the app. It is also more lightweight than OneNote, which takes up too much storage. However, Microsoft Whiteboard is exclusive to those who have Microsoft accounts. It is also quite laggy and zooming the canvas to see short texts is a bit hard. 


  • Good for collaboration
  • Intelligent inking technology
  • Infinite canvas
  • Good inter-app synergy with Microsoft Office programs


  • Exclusive to Microsoft account owners
  • Sometimes lags


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Microsoft Whiteboard


Microsoft Whiteboard 20.10406.1.5042 for iPhone


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